UI/UX Design for 
Web3 Apps

The complexities of designing for web3 can be daunting, the real challenge is to make it easy for people to experience the true potential of web3 products. There's nothing we enjoy more than solving complex problems with simple, intuitive design solutions. We're here for you every step of the way.

Web3 UX Process

Step 1: Understanding

Information Gathering - Stakeholders Meeting - Requirement Gathering Form

Step 2: Design

User Flow - Repid UI & Prototype

Step 3: MVP Launch

With the prototype in hand, the Client could now start onboarding investors. Meanwhile, Expedite would focus on collecting more data for improved UX with research-backed design decisions.

Step 4: Evaluation

Data Gathering through survey Forms - Usability Testing

Step 5: Research

Competitive Analysis - Affinity Mapping - Journey Mapping

Step 6: Design Refinements

Design System - UI Design - Prototype

our work

Branding, UI/UX

Unipilot Branding and UX Casestudy

A platform that saves liquidity providers from the hassle of manual oversight through automated liquidity optimization and management


MetaMask UX Redesign Casestudy

Enhancing metamask’s UX in such a way that not only enables the user to use the product more easily but also play a role in widespread adoption of web3. Our end goal is to create value for potential users by proposing solutions to real-world problems through UX thinking and research.




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